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FAQ - Locked-In Careers


Soft skills are the base for learning all other skills. It used to be thought that hard skills would get you in the door, but that soft skills would keep you there. However, recent studies have shown that a lack of essential soft skills won’t even get you in the door anymore. When studying hundreds of job postings put out by employers, they found the top mentioned requirements were the “ability to work well with others” and “communication skills.” Soft skills – how you relate to others and yourself – are non-negotiable.

Yes, you can learn soft skills. It is true that certain soft skills come more naturally to some people based on their nature and nurture, but just like any hard skill, they can also be acquired over time. Similarly to hard skills, soft skills are like a muscle that must be exercised and maintained in order to stay in top shape. You won’t walk out of a leadership workshop as suddenly the best leader there ever was, but you will learn strategies that leaders commonly practice and ways to start building that skill within yourself.

Yes, in fact “soft skills” are often known as “people skills” and it’s better to learn them with other people. Imagine you’re learning public speaking and presentation skills. Practicing by yourself, you won’t get to see the reaction of the audience, get real-time feedback from your instructor or be able to practice with people in a non-judgmental environment.    

Yes, we provide options for designing custom training programs. Simply choose which skills you’d like to build and contact us for more information.

Organizations that learn effective communication are nearly 5 times as likely to retain the best employees (salesforce.com). 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills (Harvard University). We can provide a plentiful body of research that shows the positive impact of learning soft skills. Ultimately, your team will work better together, be more productive, be better able to handle stress and adversity, and be more resourceful and empathic. These skills will contribute to a better work culture that will positively impact morale and the bottom line.

Yes, through initial discovery meetings, we will learn about the current level of your staff and adapt our strategies and content to accommodate accordingly.    

Yes, Locked-In Careers can provide discovery consultations and questionnaires to help identify what you or your team needs to work on.

  1. Self-paced / e-Learning
  2. Traditional Classroom Environment
  3. Blended Learning

You have access to purchased courses for 30 days from the date of purchase, after which course access will be automatically revoked.

Yes, you can retake any purchased course as many times as you want during the 30 days grace period. Once the 30 days expire, course access will be automatically revoked.

We prefer small class sizes, so that every participant can get individualized attention. If the workshop is held within our training facility, our class sizes range from 5-20 individuals, depending on a multitude of factors. If we are working with your team in your space, class sizes depend on how many members of your team will be in attendance. However, we still prefer groups of 5-20 individuals, and no more than 30 attendees. This all being said, we customize our training programs to your context, so don’t worry how many people you have – we’ll work it out.    

Yes, we offer a certificate of completion for all participants who successfully complete any of our training programs. We are also officially recognized as a training provider within Egypt. Lastly, we are an Accredited ACT Test Preparation Center.

All Locked-In Careers’ instructors are experts in their respective areas and bring extensive real-world experience into the classroom. They are hand-picked by Locked-In Careers for their knowledge, experience and educating style. At Locked-In Careers, we believe in customized learning. All our instructors understand different learning styles and personalize their teachings as much as possible to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

We deliver our training programs at our state-of-the-art training facility located in Mohandiseen or at any of our partner facilities. We are also available to come to your space or a third-party location, if you are hosting a team retreat, for example. Location and logistics would be need to be discussed with Locked-In Careers ahead of time.    

We are always on the lookout for new instructors. If you specialize in one of our soft skills or hard skills areas, are willing to teach by the Locked-In Careers values and genuinely like the art of educating, get in touch with us!

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