Locked-In Careers – Blazing a Trail for Educational Innovation in Egypt and the Middle East

April 19, 2019
Category: Education,Innovation

In February 2019, Locked-In Careers CEO, Ahmed Elhammady was a guest speaker at the annual EDU Gate conference, which took place over 3 days at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Elhammady’s core message focused on the educational potential of virtual reality and how, through experiential learning, VR can play a unique role in addressing certain educational challenges.

Take for example, public speaking. Expressing ideas clearly and presenting them properly in different public situations is essential to many domains of life. However, this is a skill that can only be improved through practicing in front of audiences. To make a good speech, one should have good ideas, skills on how to deliver a speech in a public forum in different settings, and for some, to be able to overcome their fear of public speaking. Traditional education methods might teach students what a good speech is, but whether students could advance their ability is another question altogether. That’s where Locked-In Careers can make a difference!

Mr. Elhammady explained how Locked-In Careers helps individuals practice public speaking by leveraging virtual reality! This concept of improving public speaking skills is completely foreign to the Middle East, let alone Egypt.  Essentially, the virtual reality software allows learners to practice the theoretical information they acquired in realistic VR training scenarios, such as business networking meetings, delivering presentations, crisis communication, or even interviews.

How does it work?

  1. Users upload their own presentation slides into the virtual environment.
  2. The virtual reality software offers real time voice analysis and tracking technology, so that learners can identify areas where they can improve.
  3. Feedback like hesitation / filler words, eye contact, speaking pace is provided in real-time, allowing users to adjust and adapt on the fly.
  4. Learners could even measure their progress over time because the software keeps track of performance and displays comparisons.

For more information on Locked-In Careers’ virtual reality training services, please get in touch at: +20 11 222 7 5515 or info@lockedincareers.org.