Locked-In Careers is a career development and education services provider that is aiming to revolutionize the training and education industry in Egypt and across the Middle East. Our learning programs are designed to help bridge skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous personal and career development, empowering organizations to develop their personnel and individuals to accelerate their career paths.

We thrive in helping organizations and working professionals improve across a variety of verticals, including performance in service delivery, sales, management and leadership.

Combining technology, experience and unwavering commitment, our innovative training programs impact a behavioral change, allowing participants to integrate their newly acquired knowledge immediately upon completion of a training program. We guarantee the results of our training programs and our passion for excellence sets us apart from the competition.

Our Mission
Our mission is to equip people with the skills needed for professional and academic success.

Our Vision
Through tailored, inclusive, practical learning, our vision is to be a prime driver of career development services and soft skills acquisition in Egypt and across the Middle East.

Our Values
Our values inform the core of everything we do, including how we interact with students and clients, how we treat each other at Locked-In Careers, how we create learning environments and our corporate social responsibility.

  • Inclusivity

We believe you learn best when you can bring your whole self with no fear of judgement. We believe in diversity, and in creating equitable, safe spaces for our students.

  • Empowerment

We don’t believe in quick fixes. We believe in giving you the skills to succeed beyond your interaction with us.

  • Knowledge

We believe in acquiring knowledge from all areas of life. We believe knowledge is an exchange. We make sure our teams are smart, capable, experienced and up-to-date.

  • Friendliness

We believe a little kindness can go a long way. A smile when you walk in the door and a welcoming space, can make all the difference in your interactions and ability to learn and work with us.

  • Practicality

We believe in providing you with strategies, practices and tips that you can apply right away. We cater to your needs and requirements as much as possible.

  • Adaptability

We believe that to work with all types of people and thrive in a market that is always changing, we must be open-minded, agile and willing to change.